Yoga Burn Review (By Zoe Bray) – Helping Women Get Lighter & Sexier

Yoga Burn : Created by Zoe Bray Cotton, Yoga Burn or Her Yoga Secrets is a 12-week-long Yoga program that implements a technique named “Dynamic Sequencing”. This technique helps in burning fat and calories and thus promotes healthy loss of weight.

yoga burn review

After trying Yoga Burn and benefitting greatly from it, I found this online course to be unique. I do not think there is a similar kind of program that would stay true to the conventional Yoga positions while incorporating movements that help women burn calories and fat and thus lose weight. Checkout more about the Yoga Burn System Review:

Initial Phase of Yoga Burn

The introductory phase of the program aims to introduce people to Yoga. Zoe gives participants clear instructions on the techniques of performing various basic stand-alone Yoga poses as the first step. Then, all these poses are strung together and a smooth sequence is formed. I loved learning when and how I should be breathing while doing each pose. This primary phase or the Foundational Flow phase is quite fast and it kept me engaged.

Transitional Flow  phase:

The second phase known as the Transitional Flow focuses on transitions. I got to learn the techniques of linking the Yoga positions together and thus form a sequence with the use of seamless transitions in between poses. This phase also keeps us focused on only the present, thus removing stress and making us feel happier. During this phase, I felt content in my daily life as well as while working out.

Final Phase – Mastery Flow Phase:

I found myself involved in the program for 2 months already, by the time I reached the third or final phase known as the Mastery Flow phase. This phase is about combining all the Yoga poses and sequences taught during the initial phases into a thorough and complete Yoga routine. This routine is supposed to burn calories and fat efficiently and rapidly while eliminating cellulite and toning the body. Compound movements and increased repetition are integral parts of this phase. The compound movements involve the lower as well as the upper body and target the metabolism. The body transforms into a toned figure. I felt that this final phase maximized the impact of the program on me and I completed the course feeling and looking healthier and better. At the end of the third phase, my body showcased the hard work that I had put in during the course.

I loved the quality and clarity of the videos and had almost no problem following Zoe’s instructions.

The other Pros of Yoga Burn program:

  1. Uniqueness: This is a point that I have already mentioned in the beginning. There are other courses available that combine Yoga with harsh cardio exercises in a single workout. Yoga Burn, however, does not deviate from the relaxing factor of Yoga. Zoe has been able to mix the calorie-burning exercises smoothly into the normal pace of the Yoga routine.
  2. Clear Organization: I had purchased a couple of workout videos online, before I purchased Yoga Burn. Those videos sadly lacked a focused progression or flow. I could turn on those videos and start my workout whenever I wanted and soon I lacked discipline and motivation. Yoga Burn, on the contrary, has a definite pace and strict schedule which has been explained clearly by Zoe in the introductory video. I knew exactly when I was supposed to do each video and when I was needed to proceed to the subsequent phase. The specific frame of time helped maintain the discipline and motivation which was the reason why I actually ended up completing the course.
  3. A Combination of Physical and Emotional Benefits: The program not only toned my body and helped me lose weight, but also made me better spiritually and emotionally. I felt happier, lighter, sexier, less stressed, and more relaxed even after I had completed the course. The second phase of the course focused on emotional well-being while the third phase focused heavily on the physical aspects like weight-loss and toning.
  4. Incorporation of Breathing: The program taught when and how to breathe as breathing is an important part of an exercise, especially Yoga. As we breathe deeply and consciously while doing the videos, brain activity shifts in such a manner that emotional stress gets eliminated along with muscle tension. This maximizes the positive physical and emotional effects of the program.

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Yoga Burn Cons:

  1. Sadly, this program is only for beginners. Experienced Yoga students might find this program useless.
  2. Another disadvantage is that many beginners might find this program quite challenging as it also involves serious workout.

Where to buy Yoga Burn System?

For all for you, who don’t know where to buy Yoga Burn, don’t worry – we’re here for your help. You can visit there official website using the link given below & you will get some additional discount as well 😉

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I hope this review is helpful and it helps you decide whether you need Yoga Burn or not.

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